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Anguilla is an idyllic Caribbean island where high-end living meets competitive tax regime. Residents enjoy a relaxed way of life, safe in the knowledge their assets, family and business are protected for the future.

Why become an Anguillian resident?


Your exclusive Caribbean residence

Anguilla is a picturesque Caribbean island perfect for family and business life. It's easy to get to from the USA, Canada and Europe.

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The Lifestyle

Live the Caribbean dream

Natural beauty, five-star property, fine cuisine and fantastic sports facilities. Life in Anguilla is luxurious on every level.

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Business & Tax

Protect your wealth for your future

Anguilla is a well regulated and respected offshore financial jurisdiction with no taxation and a pro-business government.

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How to become an Anguillian resident?

Tax Residency

High value resident

Significantly reduce your global tax liability by making an annual lump sum tax payment, backed by substance, to the treasury of Anguilla.

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Permanent Residency

Achieve permanent residence status

Obtain permanent residency status for you and your family, allowing you to live in Anguilla without immigration restrictions.

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