Permanent residency in Anguilla.

Enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle in exclusive surroundings.

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Key Benefits

Key benefit 1

Call paradise home

Enjoy discovering the island and establishing your own footprint in the sand. Anguilla offers many experiences for you to discover.

Key benefit 2

Residency for the whole family

Life in Anguilla is best enjoyed together. That's why each investment pathway offers the main applicant the option to add multiple dependants to their residency application.

Key benefit 3

Proven path to British Citizenship

After five years, permanent Anguillian residents are eligible to become British Overseas Territories Citizens (BOTC). BOTCs can then apply for full British Citizenship, subject to meeting the physical presence and character requirements.

Key benefit 4

Exceptional tax benefits

As Anguillian residents, you, your family and your businesses will benefit from the island's attractive tax regime. For more information on Anguilla's unique tax advantages, visit our Business & Tax page.

Becoming a Permanent Resident

To acquire permanent residency in Anguilla, applicants must fulfil one of the two following investment options, and pay the processing and due diligence fees:


Purchase or construct approved real estate


  • To qualify a family of 4, the minimum value of the property must be US$750,000 at the time of application
  • Each additional dependant will require an additional investment of US$100,000
  • The property cannot be sold within five years of the purchase date

Additional application fees and due diligence fees will be required on application.


Make a contribution to the Capital Development Fund

The Capital Development Fund is a government fund established to finance public sector projects that grow, develop and diversify Anguilla's economy.

The minimum contributions required are as follows:

  • Main Applicant – US$150,000
  • Spouse or Dependant – US$50,000 each

Application processing fees and due diligence fees

Application processing fees:

  • US$3,000 per application for a family of up to 4 persons
  • US$500 per applicant beyond 4 persons

Due diligence fees:

  • US$7,500 per individual 18+
  • US$2,500 per child 12+ (but under 18)

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